Captured Moments

“A moment captured
is worth so much more
than a moment forgotten.
No matter how imperfect.”

~ Rebecca Cooper

Photo from Commonwealth of Australia (March 14, 2020). Launch of the coronavirus (COVID-19) campaign.

COVID-19: What can we do as of this moment

How did you envision your year 2020 moments? Like most of us in the Philippines right now, none imagined having moments like panic buying only to realize that shelves are empty in grocery stores, almost empty churches, community quarantine and, social distancing. But what makes our lives difficult during moments like these are finding theContinue reading “COVID-19: What can we do as of this moment”

Tunes to Wash Your Hands To

While washing hands is always important, the current health crisis has given this mundane task a new sense of urgency. The CDC recommends you should … Tunes to Wash Your Hands To


“The more we share FACTS, the easier it is to combat ignorance!” This blog provides links that are good sources of informations about Coronavirus.

10 Successful Life Quotes

Your life is a glorious gift from God. Life is too short to live. Make it worth more. Be your own boss. Calculate your worth and set a milestone in … 10 Successful Life Quotes

Never give up on your Dreams

Your dreams are the reason behind how you are. Your dream is not a coincidence or fortuitous event. Your dream is described as what you are. You … Never give up on your Dreams

How Are You Feeling?

It was a late afternoon where the sun shines brightly through the window, creating hot patches on our skin, giving warmth to our tardy souls. Sounds … How Are You Feeling?

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